Eliseo Dayao Gets Recognized!


Judge Eliseo Dayao, Kidapapawan’s War Martyr, was included last night among the Kidapawan Heroes!

The Kidapawan Heroes are recognized every February as part of the city’s Charter Day. There are three ranks of recognition given in increasing dignity, the Merit of Commendation, the Medal of Honour, and the Legion of Honour. Dayao was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honour

I was the one who nominated Dayao, in partnership with his great-grandson, Elric Yaoto Evangelista. I have trying my best to raise awareness about this tragic local historical figure online as much as I can, and this recognition is one of the culminating moments of this effort.

Dayao is Kidapawan’s most prominent casualty during the War. A Justice of the Peace with jurisdiction over the municipal districts of Cotabato during the Commonwealth, Dayao was caught supporting guerillas during the Second World War. In 1942 he was ambushed and executed by the Japanese forces garrisoned in Kidapawan’s Barrio Lanao. He was buried somewhere in the barrio, and his body has never been found.

He was one of four historical figures posthumously recognized as Kidapawan Hero this year. The other heroes are as follows:

Legion of Honour
– Jose Tuburan Jr
– Alfonso O. Angeles Sr.

Medal of Honour
– Datu Patadon Tungao
– Gregorio Andolana

Merit of Commendation
– Marinius Austria
– Datu Roy Sibug

The Heroes were recognized as part of the city’s Homecoming Gala at Boylyn Pension Plaza in Baranggay Magsaysay (I’ll be making a separate post about the event here later).  His family, headed by his daughter Elma Dayao Yaoto, received the recognition on his behalf.