Tea pairings

I have loved tea since I was young, and I was fortunate enough to have the chance to try diverse kinds of teas from around the world. Some varieties I was able to enjoy on a daily basis, enjoying cups as is or milked and sugared while having snacks. Over the years I ended up developing specific pairings for food which I found worked best with particular teas, and collectively they represent for me either the taste of home or of specific places.

Here are some of these pairings. I will attach pictures when I get to eat the said pairings again

20170409_230749*Earl Grey (as is or milked), with bread with nutella and butter


Kaya toast in Taunggyi

*Xifeng Longjing, or Bilouchun, or Shan tea with Lahpet Hmwe, with kaya toast

*Oolong (Fujian or Taiwanese Tie Guanyin), or Houjicha, with Bongbong’s Piyaya



On the plate clockwise from top: Mastic lokum, espasol from Marbel, Davao Ticoy, Rose lokum

*Tra Sen, or Earl Grey unmilked, with Davao Star Bakeshoppe Ticoy, Kidapawan (or Marbel) Espasol, and Rahat Lokum (Rose and/or mastic)

*Milked Stewarts Strawberry flavoured tea, with Nissin butter coconut biscuits



On the plate, clockwise from top: cookies and cream, pinipig, peanut, and ube polvorons, soan papdi, small and big almond cookies, Goldilocks plain polvoron. I didn’t have tea with this one

*Milked Ceylon, or milked Masala Chai, or plain milk, with Polvoron, Macanese almond cookies, and Soan Papdi

*Lapsang Souchong, with lechon or any oily pork dish

*Lady Grey, with bread, butter and marmalade



*Biluochun, with boiled mung bean with milk and sugar

*Pu Erh, with Spanish sardines and mayo-ketchup, or any fish dish

*Milked Masala Chai (plain or Twinnings Hazelnut), with bread, butter, and dulce de leche

*Milked Ceylon, or milked Irish Breakfast (as is or Portuguese style: with cinnamon and nutmeg), with  butter toast

*Genmai cha, with rice and raw egg flavoured with soy sauce (tamago-kakegohan)

*Sencha, with bread, mayonnaise, and shredded nori, or anything with nori


Some pairings I associate with places I go to, and when I get back there I make it a point to eat this combination again


*Teh Tarik, or bandung, with kaya toast, for Singapore



The tea is not pictured

*Shan Tea with Lahpet Hmwe, with Monpyarlu, for Myanmar



*Shan tea with Lahpet Hmwe, with toasted bread, butter, and Pa’oh Strawberry Jam, also for Myanmar



*Tra Sen, with plum blossom flavoured Banh Khao, for Vietnam



*Tra Sen, with Banh Com, also for Vietnam


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