In which the author, with archaic language, most graciously thanks the reader for the tireless support to this blog, which this year celebrates five years of existence

To my much valued and well beloved Readers, Followers, Stalkers, Haters, and all such pleasant or unpleasant personages that now do read this here blog, Greetings.

Graciously and with good cheer do I extend my sincerest expressions of gratitude and appreciation to one and all for the consistent support shown hitherto to this here blog. Today it would be being most fruitfully present on the internet for well over five years, serving as an online venue for my literary, critical, political, and personal output.

The year of our nonexistent Lord Two Thousand and Sixteen has been a most momentous and eventful one for the author. On this year hath my feet and pens touched the earth of the most number of nations (with half of the year being spent outside the Philippines), and my tongue partook of the greatest variety of repasts, whereupon I did most diligently record in writing and photography each pagoda, noodle, and bookstore I had been fortunate enough to have visited, tasted and made purchase from, and the same record in writing and photography hath been made available hereto.

Of particular proliferation are posts made about the hitherto obscure culture of the Golden Land of Pagodas, Burma, whereat I had the latter half of the year spent. This here blog has even seen writings lettered in the Burmese script, only the third writing system (after the Latin Alphabet and the Japanese writing systems) to be here made available.

The year hath also seen the dramatic rise to the Presidency of the Philippines of the erstwhile Mayor of Davao, from whom I had ere his unexpected candidacy made most shameless and unheard public appeal herein to consider running for the highest office, wishing in so doing that he would halt the deplorable rise of the Dark Lord Binay. Now under his most felicitous presidency Federalism and the Death penalty are being debated. As the classic carol goes, these are tidings of comfort and joy.

This year the author did make a substantially large number of translations, a result of ongoing work on a collection in Davao Filipino, but also a coping strategy to compensate for inability to pen longer works. It is hoped that inability would in the coming year be alleviated.

Most momentously for the author (and to the greatest delight, no doubt, of my most ardent stalkers) is this year for being the year whereon I welcome into my life Nal Jalando-on (who herself doth run a most excellent blog, to which I direct one and all).

This here blog has been as it continues to be a contraption that is powered by ego, and you make most generous contribution in fuel with every like, comment, share, and follow you make, write, and do hereto and elsewhere. Pray continue the applause as you do at present.

Following  five years of this blog’s existence, I shall continue to upload new posts hereto, and continue to attempt to explore and experiment with the new posts aforesaid.

This here blog will also continue to serve a most crucial role in the Oyezzing of information relating to my current book projects, as it will continue to be a most helpful venue for the announcement and promotion of any recent publication of my works in paper, internet, velum, papyrus, parabaik, or any such appropriate or inappropriate medium or material my works may appear.

From Taunggyi in the ancient realm of the Shan Sawbwas do I now most proudly present to you for the coming year, my beloved Readers, Followers, Stalkers, Haters, and all such pleasant or unpleasant personages in readership hereto united, the blog of Kidapawan’s Left handed snake!

In witness whereof do I cause this here post to be thus posted. Let it be deemed good!


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