Myanmar’s Noodles

I will live a long life because of Myanmar.

I’m lucky to be in Shan State, where Myanmar sees the greatest diversity of noodles. Most noodles are served either a-yeh (with soup) or a-thoke (literally ‘salad,’ in dry form). The diversity comes in the kind of noodle (there is no specific word for noodles in general in Burmese, though ‘kauk swe‘ comes near), and how it is prepared.

Here are some of the many varieties of Myanmar’s noodles I’ve had.


I’ve written enough about Tofu nwey (ထိုဖူးနွေ) already! This piece of culinary genius is unique to Shan state, and is served with Shan kauk swe


Tofu nwey is actually very versatile. Here it’s served on ye sein thoke


And here it is served with ye sein a-yeh


Shan kauk swe (ရှမ်းခေါက်ဆွဲ): in Taunggyi the term is most often used for these sticky rice noodles with a rubber-band like springiness.


Ye sein (ရေစိမ်): thin sticky rice noodles, here served a-thoke.


I’ve written enough about Ohn no kauk swe (အုန်းနို့ခေါက်ဆွဲ) too!


Nosein kauk swe (နို့စိမ်ခေါက်ဆွဲ), like ohn no kauk swe but with cow milk instead of coconut milk


Shwe taung kauk swe (ရွှေတောင်ခေါက်ဆွဲ) : wheat noodles in rich coconut broth with chicken and some lime juice


Malar hin (မာလာဟင္, flat glass noodles stirfried with lots of vegetables in a very spicy peanut sauce) and Me-Oh meeshay (clear rice noodles stir fried in a slightly similar way)


Mohinga (မုန့်ဟင်းခါး): Myanmar’s touted national dish actually tastes like Filipino Palabok


Meeshay (မြီးရှေ‌): thick and slippery rice noodles


Si kyat (ဆီချ): Chinese stir fried wheat noodles, a peculiarity among Burmese Chinese


Nan gyi thoke (နနး ၾကီးသုပ္): one way of preparing noodles, this meaty and spicy ‘noodle salad’ is often nicknamed ‘Burmese spaghetti’


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