Visita Iglesia (with family!)

I thought I and my grandmother wouldn’t be able to perform the Visita Iglesia this Holy Week. But not only were we able to do so, we were even able to do it with the whole Galay family! This has not happened in almost a decade.

And this year we went to churches in Davao I’ve never been to, or at least haven’t been to for so long I can’t remember them anymore.

2016-03-25 16.41.06

Otherwise known as the Pink Sisters, it’s famous for the contemplative nuns who run it. It’s Davao tradition to give eggs to them to pray for something – from having children to getting good scores in an exam. The church is found uphill in the Skyline Area near Diversion Road

2016-03-25 16.40.58

The Holy Spirit Adoration Convent’s Bell tower

2016-03-25 16.42.42

I love how they shaped the plants – they’re hanging so improbably along that mould!

2016-03-25 16.43.46

The altar of the church is distinct for being separated from the public by grills – to represent and maintain, I speculate, the reculsion of the Pink sisters

2016-03-25 16.46.15

Outside the church the Station of the Cross is lined in open air and culminates with a crucifix.

2016-03-25 19.54.22

We also got to enter the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Obrero – last year it was under renovation. Now the interior of the lower level is dim, with an altar of wood gorgeously guilded.

2016-03-25 19.55.46

The Sacred Heard parish also got these cute stained glass windows!

2016-03-25 20.55.24

The last of our nine churches today was Saint Joseph the Worker Parish in Lanang. It was a swanky building built uphill, complete with its own port cochere!

2016-03-25 20.57.12

The interior of the church was relatively simple, but the aspersoria were made of glass on steel tripod stands, a bit like the Bagobo tambara!




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