My Strangers’ Repository

Part of my Library and Personal Archives is the body of unbound written materials by other writers I’ve acquired as a student, teacher, and friend to writers. They range from photocopies of literary theory readings discussed in class to the syllabi of subjects I thought in different schools. Of course a large portion of it is also composed of photocopies of literary works I picked up over the years.

A portion of it is what I call my Strangers Repository, composed of manuscripts by writers I know personally. Some of those writers are established auhtors already, though I also have works by (as of yet) non-writers. The latter is composed of my students, classmates, or peers. In the case of students, what I have are usually works they gave in class and which I found worth keeping.

I keep these files in case the writers might one day want to get a copy of their own work. I know all too well the feeling of losing a copy of my own work (I’ve whined about this before), and if I can I’d like to help others avoid that.

I’m making the list of documents available here. Please note that, unless the document has sentimental value, I’m assuming a 50 year storage period, after which the document will be disposed of. Additionally, rights to claim these works belong exclusively to the writers, so I’m afraid I cannot satisfy stalkers.

The documents in my Strangers’ Repository are as follows:

  • ‘Sun and Moon: Two Faces of the Amulet’ by Andrea Abellera (full length musicale)
  • ‘Isla Verde’ by Errol Merquita (short story)
  • various performance poems by Norman ‘Noy’ Narciso
  • first scene of a play adaptation of ‘Mangulayon’ by Macario Tiu
  • ‘Magindala’ by Don Pagusara (full length musicale adaptation)
  • ‘Suwab sa Pulong’ by Don Pagusara (collection of Martial Law protest poems arranged as a play)
  • ‘A hymn of peace’ by Don Pagusara (poem, written as a craft-decorated card)
  • ‘Wayts dyud papa no?’ by Don Pagusara (poem)
  • ‘The Language of Magic, the Magic of Language’ by Don Pagusara (lecture)
  • Lecture given to Ateneo de Davao’s SALEM by Aida Rivera Ford
  • ‘The Writing of “In My Father’s House”‘ by Elsa Martinez Coscolluela (lecture)
  • ‘Taxonomy’ by Michelle Tan (essay about the 2012 Silliman Writers Workshop)
  • Review of the 2013 Silliman staging of Elsa Martinez Coscolluela’s ‘In My Father’ House’ by Michael Aaron Gomez (copy on the 25 July 2013 issue of the Weekly Sillimanian)
  • Illustrated adaptation for children of ‘The Lady and the Tiger’ by Krizia A. Magallanes and Suset Nasareth B. Redillas
  • ‘Unity Through a Boxing Match’ by Glyd Arañes (essay)
  • ‘Jacinto’s Off Switch’ by Ianne Angel Aquino (essay)
  • ‘The Banning of the Use of Literature in Nationalistic Uprisings’ by Ianne Angel Aquino (argumentative research paper)
  • Short essay-type quiz on the poems of Leona Florentino by Khail Nicolo Tuboro (handwritten, half yellow pad paper)
  • ‘The square root of 3’ by Vincent Sacamos (poem, handwritten, intermediate paper)
  • ‘Duma-Gritty’ by Kyle Duazo (essay)
  • Essay on the (then) One Negros Region Proposal by Rio A. Enolpe
  • ‘Romeo and Jul—‘ starring Evan Ezquer, Hazel Bangcat, Czyrah Camille Academia, Andrea Alba, Deither Bargamento, Macquilson Dinglasa, Arlene Gaviola, Al Kadhzer Kabulay, Adrian Tupas, and Monica Louise Ballo-Allo (full length play skit)
  • Essay about Bisexuality by Martizza Eltin Diligencia
  • ‘The Memorable Pain of My Life’ by Adrian Ray Maranga (essay)
  • Essay about having Lupus by Pamela B. Pascual
  • Short essay on his parents breaking up by John Michael Anthony Ferrazzini (handwritten, notebook page)

The Repository also includes the manuscripts from the different workshops I have been to. But I have yet to catalogue those. I will make them available here as soon as I have done so.


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