In which the author, with archaic language, most graciously thanks the reader for the tireless support to this blog, which this year celebrates four years of existence

To my much valued and well beloved Readers, Followers, Stalkers, Haters, and all such pleasant or unpleasant personages that now do read this here blog, Greetings.

Graciously and with good cheer do I extend my sincerest expressions of gratitude and appreciation to one and all for the consistent support shown hitherto to this here blog. Today it would be being most fruitfully present on the internet for well over four years, serving as an online venue for my literary, critical, political, and personal output.

You good Haters, Stalkers, Followers, and Readers in readership hereto united have in the four years past varied most plenteously:

from students and afficionados reading my hopefully helpful and entertaining analyses of literary works and anime (among which, I must say, readers looking for my review of Wole Soyinka’s Trials of Brother Jero and my analysis of Alejandro Abadilla’s ‘Ako ang daigdig’ continue to be most plenteous).

To my most devoted haters who continue seeking to fulfill their lives by underlining every grammatical error in this here blog (I continue to satisfy you, for my hideous spelling has improved little),

To my most obsessed stalkers taking the opportunity to obtain the few pictures I have online (I know who you are now!)

And to my most avid and most decent readers, who read the literary works I upload hereto for general accessibility (know ye that there be now more venues for you, as I have of late decided to return to Wattpad!)

This here blog is a contraption that continues to be powered by ego, and you make most generous contribution in fuel with every like, comment, share, and follow you make, write, and do hereto and elsewhere. Pray continue the applause as you do at present.

Following  four years of this blog’s existence, I shall continue to upload new posts hereto, and continue to attempt to explore and experiment with the new posts aforesaid.

This here blog will also serve a most crucial role in the Oyezzing of information relating to my current book projects, as it will continue to be a most helpful venue for the announcement and promotion of any recent publication of my works in paper, internet, velum, papyrus, or any such appropriate or inappropriate medium my works may appear.

I now do proudly present to you for the coming year, my most beloved Readers, Followers, Stalkers, Haters, and all such pleasant or unpleasant personages in readership hereto united, the blog of Kidapawan’s Left handed snake!

In witness whereof do I cause this here post to be thus posted. Let this post thus be deemed good!


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