Call for submissions to a Collection of Essays about Kidapawan City


The old Kidapawan Municipio

Kidapawan, capital and only city of the province of North Cotabato, lies at the foot of Mt Apo. It is known as a stopover town for mountain hikers, and is renowned for its fruits and hot springs.

But with a highly educated and ethnically diverse population, there is much more to Kidapawan than fruits and highland springs. It is a city of many untold stories, a city where people live a life, fall in love, and leave never to return. And it is a city at the threshold of change, caught between its rural, agrarian past and the bustling urban future creeping in.

Residents of the city past and present are invited to contribute to a collection of personal essays about anything Kidapawan. Works about life during a particular period in the city’s history, about family origins, or about the lives of great Kidapawanons, are especially welcomed.

There are no specifications in length, but works should preferably be in English.

Send in your drafts to with a brief bio note on or before February 18, 2016. You may send me your drafts earlier for edits and revisions.

I will be editing the collection. Interested contributors may also email me to discuss possible topics for essays. I’d be glad to help you start!


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