What You Missed (Not Much) Intrams 2015


Scathing review of the PWC of Davao College Intrams from Nal Jalando-on, Features Editor of the PhilWomenian Equivox. Campus press freedom is alive and kicking in PWC!



With barren grounds, empty stalls, and loud music to cover up the silence of the campus, it’s safe to say that Intramurals 2015 of the Philippine Women’s College of Davao was dissatisfying both for the students and the personnel.

If you were present during Intrams and you happened to walk around the campus, you would notice students swarming around their respective attendance sheets; the only form of excitement oozing from their being is the prospect of finally leaving school. Janitorial staffs that were in-charge of decoration and organization during events expressed their boredom saying: “Murag wala ra’y Intrams no?”

It’s disappointing to see our school in such a state during an event students should look forward to from the start of the school year. Freshmen, excited to experience the joys of college life, were left dismayed after the 4-day event. It’s heartbreaking because Intramurals were never this boring before.


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