APWT 2015 Video Summary

A short video summary of ‘Against the Grain‘: the Asia Pacific Writers and Translators gathering in Manila this October. A picture of me talking briefly appears 1:09 minutes into the video (very flattering).

2015-10-24 17.44.55

I’m a new member to this international organization, and I’m very excited to give a young regional voice to it!

I am indebted to many for my participation to APWT 2015, and I would like to take the opportunity to express gratitude:

  • to the Philippine Women’s College of Davao, the school I’m currently working in, for giving me funding for my hotel
  • to the Local Government of my hometown of Kidapawan, for giving me pick-up and shuttling from and to the airport
  • to my brothers kuya Dexter and Nikko, who helped arrange the above
  • to my good friends in Manila, Arkay Timonera, Vida Cruz, Sooey Valencia, and sir Thomas Chaves, for entertaining me while I was there. I am particularly indebted to Arkay, who has been an admirable host.

3 Comments on “APWT 2015 Video Summary”

  1. sapritil says:

    Hello. I noticed the logo of UST beside your pen. Are you from that school?

    Also, congrats to you for being part of that international organization. Recently, I heard that there is already a move among organizations (both in the academe and the government) to get involve in translation. I think what is crucial for most scholars who involve in translation, is of course to study other language besides english. Again, congrats!

    • Hello and welcome to my blog.

      No I’m not from UST (though it’s a lovely school!). The picture was taken on the APWT’s last dinner, which was held at the grand ballroom of UST’s BGPOP Building. The logo is on the folder of the kit of materials that were given to us delegates.

      APWT’s thrust in translation seems to be more on the creative rather than on the academic aspect of the translation process, although one can argue that it is impossible these days to be artistic without being theoretically informed.

      I think it’s a given that the translator should be well versed in both source and target languages. What I think APWT contributes to the translation process is bringing the translators closer to the writers of the translated materials, a closeness which no doubt benefits both sides (the translators can get feedback on the literary dimensions of their translations, the writers can get feedback on the translatablity – and ultimately the universality as well as the cultural specificity – of their work).

      Membership is becoming more open, so if you’re interested I’ll be sharing ways to join here once I get news from the org officers!

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