In which the author, with archaic language, does make most felicitious notice of the creation of an Academia account, whereat his academic output has been and will hitherto be uploaded

To my much valued and well beloved Readers, Followers, Stalkers, Haters, and all such pleasant or unpleasant personages that now do read this here blog, Greetings.

Forasmuch as this blog has served as a most intimate venue for me to express to you good readers my most personal of thoughts, doing so in the necessarily informal atmosphere that such a most desirable intimacy demands, evoked at times by good humour and irony.

Forasmuch as such an informally intimate atmosphere would be conventionally indecorous in the articulation of such serious thoughts as are the substances of academic writing, rendering this here blog an unideal venue for the uploading of  pieces of such academic writing.

Forasmuch as my academic writing, which is most rightfully part of my body of work, should thus most rightfully be accessible to all

And foreasmuch as there is consequently most pressing need to make an appropriate venue for the making available of these my pieces of academic writing

Thus do I most felicitously make notice to you my good Haters, Stalkers, Followers, and Readers in readership hereto united of the most rightful creation of my profile for the resolving of the aforesaid difficulties.

Pray click this sentence to see the profile.

Uploaded thereat are the two theses I have thus made in my academic career: my undergraduate thesis on the Stylistics of two of Leoncio Deriada’s stories; and my Masters creative writing thesis on Davao Filipino.In weeks and months commencing, I shall do good to upload more of the academic works that I have been fortunate enough to complete.

I shall make posts to this here blog to make known to one and all of any updates to the Academia profile.

Hitherto have I shared only the abstracts to these studies in this here blog, so shared in the intimately informal context that thus defines it. Now do you all good Readers, Followers, Stalkers, and Haters in readership hereto united have the opportunity to read these same pieces of academic writing in full.

In witness whereof do I make this blogpost public. Let it be deemed good!


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