Acknowledgements to my Masters Creative Writing Thesis

(My Masters thesis for Creative Writing, entitled  ‘Davao Filipino and its Literary Possibilities,’ passed with minor revisions. The following are the acknowledgements in the thesis)

The author would first of all like to acknowledge the indispensable contribution of his mother, who has always given and continues to give support, moral and financial, to all his endeavors, including this thesis. Nothing would be possible for this author without her.

The author would also like to express the deepest gratitude to his thesis adviser, Prof. Philip Van Peel, for giving not only crucial but also very creative advice, without which this author would not have survived the making of this thesis, or at the very least he would not have enjoyed it as much as he has.

He would like to thank and commend Joseph Anthony Harold Dubouzet, who made the illustration attached with the stories. Harry has become this author’s official illustrator. Kagaling mo talaga, Harry. He would also like to thank his two main ‘consultants’ on the authenticity of the languages he used in some of the stories: Karlo Carin, who gave input on the otaku language of ‘Cause Play,’and Christian Cabagnot, who gave input in the Gayspeak of ‘Gigi,’ as well as on the authenticity of the language in other stories. Kagaling niyo din talaga, mga bay.

He would like to thank the writers who have played crucial roles in the development of the advocacy of this thesis: Don Pagusara, who first showed this author the possibilities of Filipino language contact; John Iremil Teodoro, who in Iyas 2011 pointed out the uniqueness of my own mother tongue; Ricardo de Ungria, who first encouraged this author to write and publish in Davao Filipino; and Leoncio Deriada, for providing the theoretical backbone behind the advocacy.

He would also like to thank the three writers in Dumaguete who have influenced the writing of some of the pieces in this collection, and of other literary pieces, the three writers who have served as this author’s literary community in Dumaguete: Michael Aaron Gomez, Chuckie Manio, and Arkay Timonera.

He would like to recognize the contribution of Dr Andrea Soluta, who encouraged him to pursue this thesis. She also deserves recognition, along with other members of this thesis’ panel (Dr. Reynaldo Rivera, Dr Leoncio Deriada, and Prof. Warlito Caturay), for the very productive feedback they gave to the writing of this thesis. The thesis writer was fortunate to have had a panel with experts in such a diverse array of fields. Additionally he would like to thank ma’am Dulce Deriada, who made Dr Deriada’s availability for consultation easier.

He would also like to thank Silliman University’s Department of English and Literature for allowing him to become a Graduate Teaching Fellow and thereby helping him financially with his graduate studies.
He would like to thank The Rollin’ Pin for providing good food during the defenses of this thesis, and for providing discounts.

And most importantly, the author would like to thank you, reader, for taking time to read this thesis. This author wrote the works in this collection first and foremost to entertain you. He is hoping that you will enjoy them thoroughly.

Two of the pieces in this collection, ‘Pagbalik’ and ‘Pag-Asa ng Drug Pusher sa Davao,’ were published in 2010 and 2013 respectively, the former in Ateneo de Davao’s student literary folio Banaag Diwa, the latter in Dagmay, literary journal of the Davao Writers Guild.


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