In which the author, with archaic language, gives public notice of the cause of this blog’s temporary unavailability, of changes to his literary appellation, and of the implications by these same changes and alterations caused

To my much valued and well beloved Readers, Followers, Stalkers, Haters, and all such pleasant or unpleasant personages that now do read this here blog, Greetings.

Forasmuch as this blog has, for the past few weeks, been rendered inaccessible to you and to the general public, and the motivation thereto being undisclosed prior to such a rendering, I therefore do hereby notify you, good Readers, Followers, Stalkers, and Haters in readership hereto united that this here blog hath been thus rendered inaccessible for the intention of:
– making most desirable changes to this here blog’s appearance;
– observing the usual sabbatical of seclusion for the month of September, to which I have over the years been accustomed; and
– making necessary alterations to several parts hereto in relation to the changes to my nom de plume recently agreed to.

And thereby do I also notify you, good Haters, Stalkers, Followers, and Readers in readership hereto united that henceforth until subsequent alterations are in future agreed to, I shall in writing refer to myself under the appellation of Antonio Galay-David, without my first name of ‘Karlo’ – shared most inconveniently with my good brother Karlo Enrico and granted quite unpleasantly by my most un-illustrious father – and with the double barrel surname including the most honourable maiden name of my rightly obeyed and dearly beloved mother and of her most respectable family, added to give dignity to the lowliness any well informed Kidapawanon would associate to the name of my aforementioned most un-illustrious father’s house. All works written by me shall therefore and henceforth be attributed in publication and for other purposes to the name Antonio Galay-David.

But whereas this change of name has been thus agreed to, those who have been hitherto accustomed to address me as ‘Karlo’ or ‘Karlo David’ nevertheless have no need of altering their accustomed appellation or appellations to me in person or in most pleasant informal writing, as the changes agreed to and hereby made notice of are limited to attribution in publications and for other such purposes. Similarly shall I use my complete name for this here blog, which is in nature, as it always has been, personal, and so shall my gmail address remain And my Monogram and Signature, in use, please God, since time immemorial, shall most rightly continue to be composed, as it always has been, of my complete initials of KAGD, stylized in the manner accustomed.

In witness whereof do I cause this here post to be thus published, and for this here blog to be again made available to you and to the general public in most loyal readership hereto united. Let this here post be deemed good!


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