My Gardening Rod

2014-04-03 08.49.27

This is my gardening rod, a long strip of iron with a flattened tip I’ve been using as a gardening trowel for the past nine years. I use it in tilling earth for planting as well in weeding.

It was originally a rusty kabilya I found in some abandoned nook in our ancestral house in Kidapawan. I patiently removed the rust by scrapping the surface against several kinds of rock, then had the family steward, kuya Bebe, flatten its tip.

The rod on earth as I garden

The rod on earth as I garden

It’s supposed to be the length of my left arm from wrist to shoulder, although my arm has grown longer since I started using the rod. A combination of constant use, regular maintenance, and occasional scrapping rusty surfaces against stone has kept it shiny in spite of its age.

The rod standing on our lawn after being thrown up

The rod standing on our lawn after being tossed

I have a personal tradition with this rod. Whenever I want something badly I toss it up several times in our lawn, and if it lands on the ground standing thrice, with an end embedded into the earth, then I get my wish. Anyone who knows me though knows that I’m far from being superstitious: the practice is symbolic. I never stop tossing it until I get it to stand thrice. It’s a reminder to myself that the only way I can get what I want is to keep on trying until I get it.

There is much to be said about introspection and gardening!


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