Dominique Cimafranca’s “Facester” now available online!

My teacher, friend, and mentor, Dominique Cimafranca recently made his short story “Facester” available in his blog.

You can read the story here.

“Facester” is the first in sir Dom’s collection of short stories, An Unusual Treatment (my free signed copy is one of my most treasured books), and it makes one hell of an opening. Reading the story changed my opinion of the writer from “teacher I respect” to “OH-MY-GOD-I’M-A-FAN!” That the man was the first editor to publish my fiction is a point of personal pride.

(And I am blessed with another instance of this: Bobby Villasis, whose stories and plays blew my head off when I read them, was behind my acceptance as fellow to the Silliman workshop in 2012. Few can say the artists they admire gave them opportunities, I can be proud of two instances)

“Facester” represents what I love about literature most: a tightly written and eventful plot leading to an unexpected but inevitable and satisfying ending. The story has been described as a guilty pleasure (I forgot who said that), and behind that pleasure is the fact that it follows a long tradition – the tale of revenge. But sir Dom was not contented with the revenge cake, he puts a cherry of romance on top of it for maximum fanservice. The story was written to be enjoyed, and enjoy it I did!

Applause, applause!


One Comment on “Dominique Cimafranca’s “Facester” now available online!”

  1. […] Cimafranca, Dominique Gerald, “Facester” (2007) Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 3, eds. Alfar Dean Francis & Alfar, […]

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