Again, Flash Fiction from NORSU

(Like last sem, I made my Lit students in NORSU try writing flash fiction. Here are the better ones from this sem’s  crop of attempts.

They’re quite diverse this sem, ranging from the macabre ones from Arian Barrera, the fantastic and eerie ones from Break James Bation, Anna Janika Mangapit and Everon Catanus,  to the humorous ones from Al Remuel Tubongbanua and Roy Grapa. Some, like Archie Montecerin and April Joy Pedros,  are experimenting with silence.

Again works in Tagalog, Cebuano, and Hiligaynon are attached with liberal translations – it was particularly difficult to capture the suggestiveness of the Cebuano in Pedros’ latter story. “Agay-ay” refers to the dust left behind by insects, in the story’s case termites, and that it’s raining “agay-ay” means the ceiling is trembling.

This is on its way to becoming a tradition!)


‘Pagkamulat ng kanyang mga mata, unti-unting nawala ang kanyang alaala.’
[When she opened her eyes, her memories started fading away.]
– Roxanne Pintac


‘Ug nakit-an ko ang akong duguang lawas sa kalsada’
[Then I saw my body, all bloody, on the street]
– Everon Catanus


‘Found a picture of me sleeping.I live alone’
– Anna Janika Mangapit


‘Gangisi ug nagpanilap si Ador samtang gatutok sa dakong punuan sa mangga.’
[Ador was smirking, licking his lips, as he stared at the big mango tree]

‘Nadungan ko nga nihangyo si ate samtang gadulog sa iyang bana, “patya na lang ko..!”‘
[I heard ate pleading while in bed with her husband, ‘Oh just kill me..!’]
– Archie Montecerin


‘We broke up after I met her best friend’

‘She wrote a note before borrowing the knife.’
– Ronalyn Edeza


‘Pagbasa niya sa text gikan sa uyab, nihilak’
[When he read the text message from his uyab – tears]
– Al Remuel Tubongbanua


‘Bunso, sa pamamagitan ng aking mata, sana’y makita mo ang kulay ng mundo’
[Little one, may you be able to see the colours of the world through my eye]
– Break James Bation


‘Small, red box in hand, he kneeled down before her.’
– Rio Jasper Ruelo


‘Lumagpak ang silya, at humigpit ang tali sa leeg niya’
[The chair fell down, and the rope tightened around his neck]

‘Sa taas ng gusali, lasog-lasog ang isang babae’
[At the building’s rooftop was a woman dismembered]
– Arian James Barrera


‘I confronted my boyfriend and my boyfriend said “I love him!”‘
– Maricris Enaron


‘”Ate mahulam ko bi lipstick mo” hambal ni Toto’
[‘Ate, let me borrow your lipstick,’ said Toto.]
– Jessamae Letigio


‘”Tay bilis lalabas na!”
‘E anak naubusan tayo ng gasolina!”‘
[‘Dad, hurry it’s coming out!’
‘But dear we ran out of gas!’]
– Angelou Entor


‘Sinungkit ni lolo ang buko ko, lumabas ang ulo mo.’
[Lolo pulled out my coconut, and your head came out]
– Emejie Montiel


‘Tumawag siya’t sabi’y, “tapos na boss! Patay na siya.”‘
[He called and said ‘Boss, it’s done! He’s dead.’]

“Nanaog ko sa sala nga tungod sa kwarto nila nanay. “Wa na, gaulan na’g agay-ay.”‘
[I came down to the sala directly beneath mother’s room.  ‘Dust raining from the shaking ceiling… Here we go again.’]
– April Joy Pedros


“”Hindi! Hindi yan totoo! Hindi kita kapatid!” iyak niya.’
[‘No! That couldn’t be true! You’re not my brother!’ she cried]
– Crystal Jell Tejamo


‘Tanong ni Poldo, “babe, sinong mas sexy? Ako o ang ate?”‘
[Poldo asked, ‘babe, who’s sexier, me or ate?’]

‘”Nars bilis! Lalabas na!”
“Naku sir, nasa third floor pa po yung CR e!”‘
[‘Nurse hurry! It’s coming out!
‘Oh no sir! The comfort room’s in the third floor!’]
– Roy Grapa


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  1. Hier Otaku says:

    … glad to be one of the first few students whose experimental works were published on this blog, sir 🙂 It’s season 2 na diay :3

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