The Samahan SecGen and the Samahan Education Rep

Terry Boligor for Samahan Secretary General

Terry Boligor for Samahan Secretary General



Darl Undag for School of Education Representative

Darl Undag for School of Education Representative


My goodness I am old.

When I was still the rampaging political animal that I was in AdDU, these two young ladies were hardly even greenhorns. Now they’re seeking my help as they run for posts in the Ateneo’s student government.

Terry is running for the position of Secretary General, which while officially is tasked with custody of files and facilitating correspondence, can be a very influential post. The SecGen when I was first year (I forgot his name) dominated the student council. For all my political differences with my classmate Aiyan Aquino, I will admit that she used her post as SecGen effectively to spearhead a better-organized Student Summit. When Aldwin Dumago resigned as Samahan President, the fact that Aiyan was the second highest official elected at large was suddenly foregrounded, and some sectors of the student body were touting her to succeed as President (this unprecedented event was resolved with the Jubail Pasia Convention: the SCB votes from among its members who succeeds).  Hitesh Dhanwani, for whom I served as campaign manager, revolutionized the office – and Samahan as a whole – by focusing the SecGen’s efforts online: all of a sudden Samahan files are readily available to students. Terry, an AB English student, is being touted to win owing to her similarity in course with Aiyan. Hardly surprising as the AB English program equips a student not only with clerical skills, but with parliamentary procedure as well.

Darl is running for School of Education Representative. The Samahan Central Board is composed of the officers elected at large (President, SecGen, Treasurer), the two Vice Presidents elected by their respective assemblies (the Internal VP, chairperson of the General Assembly of Class Presidents, and the External VP, the president of the Campus Clubs Organization), and representatives from the various Divisions/Colleges/Schools. Depending on internal arrangement, a Rep can also be head of the College/School/Division Council, have the power to appoint the head, or functions independently from that Council.  One of the newer schools established in the Ateneo was the School of Education – in the past they were merged with the Social Sciences under the Social Science and Education Division, in which they were invariably marginalized by both the vocal nature of the other courses and by their own timidity. It was the president of the Education students’ club, FEAT, who served as head of the de facto Education Council.  The Education people are also probably the most externally involved of courses – Education students are also members of the UFED (United Future Educators of Davao), an inter-school, Davao wide organization of education students.  I met Darl some years ago during an event organized by UFED, she was still a first year but already by then she was showing signs of leadership. It’s hardly surprising to see her run for office now.

I could hardly call these two impressive candidates, but they’re good kids, refreshing options in an arena where oftentimes moronic antics and cutsey-patootsey rhetoric  get votes. They’re no Aldwin Dumagos or Hitesh Dhanwanis, definitely, but at least they’re not like – oh, never mind.

Of course I have no place being involved in AdDU student politics anymore. The candidacies of these two just remind me of something for which I will never cease being fascinated about: the inner workings of the student council. Far more than a student political animal, I was a student constitutionalist.

My goodness I even sound old.




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