On the killing of Children around the World

As much of a cynic as I may be, I still believe that every one ought to be given a chance at life, and this makes the killing of children absolutely unforgivable.

In Burma earlier this year, over twenty schoolboys in a Madrasah were butchered and burned by a mob of anti-Muslim locals. These boys had futures waiting for them, and they might have been part of Burma’s beginning rise to a bright future, but all of that is gone now. And all because of ethnic tensions they personally had nothing to do with.

Recently, the Oxford Research Group reports that over the course of Syria’s ongoing civil war, over 11,000 children have been tortured and slaughtered. Again, these children might have been the hope of the country, and again, the future they promised had been reduced to naught.  And again all for matters which are beyond or do not concern them (in this case, because a man wants to stay in power and other men want to take that power from him).

Heart-wrenching, lamentable, abhorrent, condemnable. For all the eloquence I have the vanity of thinking of having, I am inarticulate at trying to express my  horror at these bits of news. And I am frustrated at both my incapacity to do anything and at the cliche as which this expression of horror comes. The abhorrence of these acts of child-slaughter are self evident enough that it need not be pointed out, and yet paradoxically (or perhaps as a result of that self evidence) it seems one can never condemn this atrocity enough.

It is hardly a thing in Philippine political thought to think of foreign affairs (unless they have to do with islands and OFWs about to be beheaded), but I believe it is imperative that our government, as a government of a people that subscribes to fundamental human values, must play a bigger role in the world stage in preventing the continued slaughter of children.


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