Changes to this blog

For the past few days I’ve been editing this blog, improving it to respond to its changing nature.

This blog is over 2 years old, and in that span of time it has shifted from being a personal blog to an actual source of reading material for many. From a venue of self-expression, the blog slowly became a reference source.

Perhaps this reflects my changing character. From a virtual nobody of a student who at times whines a lot, I’ve become a mentor and a writer receiving some attention, someone short of a public figure. I’ve also come to realize the vanities of my youth, realizations brought about both by responsibilities and by certain bad examples. I seem to be changing, and this blog is reflecting that.

And I am conscious of this change and intend to continue it. Observing the sense of decorum this blog seems to be acquiring, I have decided to make the indecently personal and/or idiosyncratic posts in it private, keeping only posts of general interest. Students, young aspiring writers (and most importantly work superiors!) are reading this blog, I must mind what I say here.

But this is not to say of course that this blog has ceased to be a personal blog – everything that one writes is bound to be personal – its purpose has just shifted from at times embarrassingly self gratifying personal expression to expression with the intent of sharing things any reader can relate to.

On that note, also expect a change in tone here. The nom de plume of Lefthanded Snake has had bombastically iconoclastic connotations, the symbol of my self-styled polemics. I have since realized the youthful vanity of that action, and I am denouncing it. But my affection for accustomed proclivities and particularities convinces me to keep this monicker, most importantly as it will be useful in my participation in the movement I and several young Visayan writer friends call “Pasmodernism.” I am only denouncing the utter vanity in the assumption of the label of polemicist, and of any past vanities in general.

Which is not to say as well that I have decided to avoid polemics. Continue to expect from this blog at times controversial opinion contrary to popular belief. While I have understood the weight of words now, I still believe that it is a writer’s duty to speak out when a stupidity is being accepted as a wisdom. Decorum ought never to be used to stifle freedom of expression.  And on that note, this is not a renouncement of my previous opinions.

I will also retain the label “writer” not without qualms, as it is always vain to call oneself an artist. But I decide to keep the label more out of a sense of responsibility than out of vanity. I have many things to say and do, and I can only say and do them in the capacity of a writer. Suffer me then if I speak explicitly at times from the writer’s podium, it will be necessary to get the message across.

Thank you for always reading!


2 Comments on “Changes to this blog”

  1. ardeend says:

    tried to access this outside my iPad. says you’ve closed it to private

    • Lefthandedsnake says:

      I set the blog in private for the past few days, but you shouldn’t be having problems now.

      Thanks for always reading!

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