2nd Place for Fiction, Nick Joaquin Literary Awards 2013


Photo Courtesy of Marne Kilates, himself the first NJLA Poet of the Year

I won 2nd Place for Fiction in the 2013 Nick Joaquin Literary Awards.

The NJLA is given by the Philippines Graphic to three of the 52 stories published in it every year. The awarding ceremony was held last 20th September in the Ramon Magsaysay Center, Manila.

I won for the short story “In the Manner Accustomed.”

The other winners were Angelo “Sarge” Lacuesta, who bagged the top prize for his story “Sparrows,” and Jenny Ortuoste, who got third for her story “How I Spent my Summer Vacation in the US.” Poet Marne Kilates was also made the first Poet of the Year with his “Ayala Quartet.” I am the only winner to not have a Palanca, which makes me gasp at my luck.

The judges this year were Silliman Writers Workshop Director Susan Lara, Palanca Hall of Famer Krip Yuson, and literary giant Gemino Abad. Special thanks to ma’am Alma Anonas-Carpio, The Graphic’s literary editor, and sir Joel Salud, the Graphic’s EIC.

I congratulate myself on this well deserved award, I commend the judges for displaying admirable taste in giving me the prize, and I look forward to the prize money and material prizes. I joke.

This is part of the generation’s regional harvest!


2 Comments on “2nd Place for Fiction, Nick Joaquin Literary Awards 2013”

  1. Dom says:

    Congratulations, Karlo!

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