Selling Sands and Coral!

2013-08-22 12.58.18

For the past few days we’ve been selling old issues of Sands and Coral.

The Sands and Coral is the Literary Journal of Silliman University. Started in 1948, it is the first literary journal in the country. Throughout the years it has served as the literary folio of Sillimanians as well as fellows to the Silliman Writers Workshop. With its first editors including Aida Rivera-Ford, the Sands and Coral has been the venue for the early works of many now-famous Filipino writers.

2013-08-22 12.58.05

We are selling old issues, dating from 1965 (with intermittent years) for this year’s Founders Celebrations. This year’s Founders happily coincides with Dumaguete hosting the Biannual Tipon, the gathering of Silliman alumni from all over the world.

because of their availability, some issues are surprisingly cheap. The price list for each available issue is as follows:

1965 — Php 45

1970 — Php 30

1977-78 — Php 15

1981-82 — Php 40

1989 — Php 25

1995 — Php 40

1996 — Php 40

1997 — Php 70

2001 — Php 250



Our sales table is at the lobby of historical Katipunan Hall. See you there!



2 Comments on “Selling Sands and Coral!”

  1. Hello, is there any way I can order without having to go to Silliman? Can I have it sent to an address? I’m willing to shoulder the shipping fee. šŸ™‚ Thank you.

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