My first Play in Dagmay!

Finally I get a play published in Dagmay!

My one-act play, “Pag-asa ng Drug Pusher sa Davao,” saw print in Dagmay last 14 July.

Dagmay is the literary journal of the Davao Writers Guild, and it appears both as a page on Sunstar Davao every Sunday and. more importantly, in a website. Dagmay is edited by members of the Davao Writers Guild — themselves established writers — and receives submissions from young and established writers alike, mostly from Davao and Mindanao. The website is run by my teacher, Dom Cimafranca.

Sidenote: Sir Dom gave a fascinating presentation on Dagmay for the ICT4PhD Conference in UP Dilliman last September, 2012. I am glad to know that my friend Paul Gumanao and I — both Kidapawanons — are representing our city well in the statistics, although my Davao Filipino poem being shared as a sample puts me at a very bashful position.

I’ve been publishing in the Dagmay since I was 15, when I was still in first year college. My first publication was a story, “The Wall,” which I wrote when I was in 4th Year High School. Sir Dom served as my first editor, and it’s because of him that I have a deep respect for editors. I have published many times in the Dagmay after that (last time I checked, I’m the most published and in the most genres. God how I prostitute my writing!).

But only now have I published a play in it! This is significant for me, not only because I started getting published in Dagmay, but because I began writing as a playwright in the first place, serving to write the scripts for class productions way back since grade 6. These are two of my beginnings converging. While I’ve seen digital publication before (my one-act play “Sa Pagitan Nila May Masisira” appeared in the website “Balay Sugidanun.” managed by Gen Asenjo), this is also the first time I see hard print (in fact I found out about my being published from my grandmother, who follows Dagmay every Sunday in Sunstar Davao. )

The play is in Davao Filipino, with standard Filipino instructions, and is based on a true story I heard second hand from a relative. It got me  a fellowship to the Iligan Writers Workshop in 2012, a fellowship I unfortunately had to turn down since I already accepted one from the Silliman Writers Workshop. But let that not deceive you, the play has so much to improve on, and I might rewrite it for my MA thesis (on that note, do give suggestions to it here if you have any).

The play saw print thanks to Dr. Jondy Arpilleda, himself a prolific fictionist, who served as editor.


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