Perpetual Happiness

(My first, and so far only attempt at speculative poetry. Keyword is rebirth, or madness.)


The Palace of Heavenly Purity in the Forbidden City. Taken from Images of China through English Eyes

Perpetual Happiness

Looking now, in this life,
from the azotea
of my Forefathers’ casa,
I see how incontable
are the stalks of tubo
that grow on the Kanlaon-ashed soil
Of my hacienda

…Even more, perhaps:
were the sailors, doctors, chefs and diplomats
that manned My Eunuch-led Fleet;
were the characters, written precisely
by My mandarins, on the Great Canon of My Reign;
or were the auspicious rooms,
doored with Heaven within Earth
and placed in harmony
with Wind and Water,
that filled my Purple Forbidden City


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