On the night sea’s sky
A fleet of fishermen
Angling hopes and dreams for their children;

In untouched woodlands
a cloud of fireflies
sprinkling the light of healthy streams
on smooth bank pebbles;

On a hill overlooking the city
streetlights align
constellating boulevards
that outline an urban zodiac;

When leaving:
Fallen acacia leaves glistening
on the mossy pavement that leads out from home;
Raindrops sparkling
on the window of the jeep heading out from the city;
sun’s gold dust on the sea’s waves
seen from the boat away from your home island;
or the city lights again
with cars as slow comets
from the window of your plane
on your flight to foreign lands;

In a crowd of strangers
eyes, burning with the infinity
of lives and loves lived,
Each one far, daunting
and distant;

We are all astrologers
privy to different horoscopes,
reading the future
written in these galaxies.


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