Stay away, Tito Sotto

Let me reaffirm my copyrights in this blog.

Unless otherwise cited, everything I post on this blog is my intellectual property. I own it.

Because it is on the internet, access to my blog is free to all. This however does not mean my stuff is already public property. Sharing doesn’t mean giving, and I’m not giving.

You cannot use any part of this blog as unattributed academic, legislative or commercial content. You cannot copy-paste my stuff for class assignments, for online advertising content, or for defending stupid lawmaking stands.

You can however quote or share any of the posts in this blog, but you must properly cite me and the blog. And most importantly, ask for my permission (don’t worry you will get it when asked, I just want to enjoy the flattering feeling of being quoted). Linking to my blog is perfectly fine, even encouraged. But please comment on the post that you shared it. This blog is powered by ego, I need fuel.

Violations to the above will be dealt  with appropriate institutional, legal and/or discoursal action and with condign severity. I will have you expelled from your school, I will sue you and I will hateblog about you.

Enjoy this blog, but please don’t take advantage of it.


2 Comments on “Stay away, Tito Sotto”

  1. When people copy or steal my blog stuff, I just consider it a compliment. This is, after all, free self-publishing. If you want to proclaim ownership, write something good enough for people to pay to read it. I think you could. Your poetry’s good!

    • Lefthandedsnake says:

      Yes I agree that my work being copied is flattering, but I want to know that it’s being copied. It has more than once happened that people copy without even giving the author the pleasure of being flattered. Worse, some people claim what I’ve written is theirs!

      And I’m glad you like my poetry!

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