Questions from a Kidapawanon on a jeep in Davao

  1. Hey, why are we called “Kidapaweños?” We don’t have any Spanish history (do we?), we should be called “Kidapawanons.”
  2. What is that building in Kidapawan in front of NFA? My mother says it was the house of the “lost sultan.” No wonder it looks muslim-ish. How much could they have gotten from having it demolished?
  3. Why did they stop doing the Timpupo Fruit Festival in Kidapawan?
  4. Why do they call it “Barracks” in Sudapin? Whose barracks were there?
  5. What is that ruined building beside the Kidapawan City Hall? It looks burned, what was it before the fire?
  6. Hey, why are they replacing the pine trees in the center of Kidapawan with a different kind of tree?
  7. When did those traffic lights near Kidapawan’s overpass stop working?
  8. Who is Datu Ingkal? Who are these Kidapawan streets named after, anyway?
  9. People in Kidapawan complain that there are no malls to buy from or party places to go to, so they move to Davao. But why is it that when a mall or a bar opens in Kidapawan it ends up bankrupt because of poor sales?
  10. Why do I miss Kidapawan all of a sudden!?
  11. Why do they call it Diversion road? What is it diverting?
  12. Why is crossing Matina so traffic? Can’t they expand the road?
  13. Why is it called Ecoland? Sounds environmentally sustainable.
  14. Why does Bolton Bridge look cleaner than Bangkerohan?
  15. Are there crocodiles in the Davao river? Is that a crocodile!? No, just a piece of wood.
  16. Speaking of Bolton, wasn’t he an American Governor? Where did they bury him after Mangulayon killed him?
  17. Why is that tree near Bangkerohan Bridge standing alone? I hope they don’t cut it down.
  18. Why does San Pedro Church look like a ship?
  19. Why are there animal statues at Osmeña Park?
  20. Why is that tree beside the Davao City Hall enclosed behind grills?
  21. Whose house is that at the corner of Rizal and Ponciano? What about that big one at corner Tiongko and Quirino? There’s also that house at Northpoint, near the Flyover, who owns that, too?
  22. Speaking of houses, what could that house with the gateway leading uphill at Marfori Heights look like? How do you get to go to these houses!
  23. What is that obelisk like thing in Mintal? Something to do with Japanese people. Why is it inside an elementary school?
  24. Do they still eat dog at Artiaga street?
  25. Is there really a DDS? Oh wow, a motorcyclist in black, could he be a DDS member!?
  26. I’m from Kidapawan, but Davao is beginning to make me forget it and it feels bad. But if I return to Kidapawan, I want to return to Davao. Why is it like this!?
  27. Am I the only one thinking like this? What about those from other places like Mati, Panabo, or Tagum? Do they ask these questions? Do they even ask questions of their own?

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