Maxims for the would-be Leader

* Power is a means to greatness, it should never be an end.

* Wretched is he who assumes too many responsibilities and uses being too busy as an excuse for mediocrity.

* “I do not want to be someone, I want to do something.” – John Bercow

* Nobody is perfect, but we become mediocre when we see this as an excuse for not pushing ourselves to greater heights.

* If you are elected to your office, you owe your being in office to your constituents. You shall have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak but as your constituents please to direct you, whose servant you are.

* Leadership is to be voiceless  so that your constituents may be heard, but have a voice loud enough to speak for the body when the body cannot find its own voice.

*Value criticism. If the critics are loyal to you, show gratitude for the effort. If the critics are your detractors, listening to them will always annoy them.

* The enemy of leadership is not opposition, but a complacent constituency.

* That which is of no specific purpose is all purpose.

* When working with people, know their strengths and weaknesses. Their strengths so you know how to use them when needed, their weaknesses so you know how to destroy them when needed.

* There are no moral or immoral decisions. Decisions are beneficial, ineffective, or harmful. That is all.

* Respect what you need.

* Eagles do not have time to catch flies. (Aquila non capit muscas)

*” L’audace, encore de l’audace, tojours de l’audace!” – George Danton

* Before you alter tradition, make sure you have something better to offer.

*It is essential that successors are better than their predecessors. Only by thus can progress be attained.



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