Writer’s Block

Whereas, of late I have had to face numerous grave emotional difficulties, the causes, circumstances and details of which are yet too painful for me to speak or write of in detail

Whereas, these said difficulties have caused such tremendous pain that my very sense of order is in disarray

Whereas a good sense of order is needed to thoroughly develop and put into words any creative product of the imagination

and Whereas the same pain is equally tremendous so as to render the state of mental openness needed for creative imagination impossible

The state of a Writer’s Block is recognized. It will last for an indefinite period of time, perhaps permanently. It is an offshoot of the suspension of my personal order (literary, fiscal, domestic). The opening of the creative imagination, however will be allowed in passivity: ideas, as they come, shall be noted but not developed.

The block will also entail a silence in this blog (as may have already been observed in the past few weeks) and in other media online.

I will be trying to bring myself to order in the coming days, but the duration of the process will be indefinite. At this point nothing is yet certain.


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