Acknowledgements to my thesis

(My Undergraduate thesis, entitled  “Foregrounding in Fiction: A Stylistic Reading of Select Works of Fiction by Leoncio P. Deriada,” passed with very little revisions. The following are the acknowledgements in the thesis)

The researcher is thankful firstly for his own inner fastness, with which he persevered with the making of this study in the face of the exhausting tedium the approach invariably entails, and in the face of other equally taxing obligations.
The researcher would also like to express the deepest gratitude to his adviser, Dr. Rhodora Ranalan, for giving not only crucial but also very creative advice, without which the researcher would not have survived the making of this thesis, or at the very least he would not have enjoyed it as much as he has.
The researcher would also like to acknowledge the indispensable financial and moral support provided by his mother. This thesis owes its existence to her financial generosity, and both the meals she cooked for the researcher and her unparalleled wit no doubt gave him the metabolic and psychological nourishment needed to continue writing this thesis.

The researcher would like to thank one of his oldest friends, Christian Cabagnot, for lending him a laptop to use during the defenses this thesis has seen. He would also like to thank Christian for being a friend in times when that inner fastness found itself loosened from time to time.
The researcher would also like to thank the members of the Society of Ateneo Literature and English Majors (SALEM), the literature club, of which he served as President. Far from being an added burden, it has given him a drive to achieve which he has not felt in a long while. He would particularly like to thank his successor and beloved daughter-figure Karen Dicdican for also being there as a friend in times of wavering. The hope she has given him has made everything in his college life, including this thesis, worth working for. Gratitude goes as well to his predecessor as president and personal mentor, Glyd Arañes, whose advice on this thesis has also been crucial.
Karen and Christian deserve a second thank you along with Madel Catre, SALEM Secretary, for helping the researcher during the final defense of this thesis.
The researcher would also like to thank his thesis instructor, Dr. Judith Dalagan, whose patience in collecting requirements has decreased the pressure in the making of this thesis and made it a more pleasurable endeavor.
The researcher would like to thank Dr. Marjorie Evasco for giving some needed information for this thesis as well as moral support.
He would like to thank the Rizal Library of the Ateneo de Manila University for providing the abstracts of some studies needed in the making of this thesis.
He would also like to thank GEC Printing for providing excellent printing services and generous discounts.


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