From the Archives: Cogito, Emo, Sum!

(An article from my High School publication when I was in 4th year HS. First off, the title is a crude Cartesian pun – I’m not stylistically proud of it now, it’s rather direct to the point and not thorough enough, but I was young when I wrote this so it was a triumph at the time! I wrote this after emerging from Absurdist reflection, so the perspective is from a very isolated –  and therefore very uninvolved – student. Those bands I mentioned: I never grew to like them, I was too busy with Yuki Kajiura. Obvious influences of Jessica Zafra are also here – most prominent of which is the word Weltanschauung, which I got from her. But what makes me particularly fond of this article is its social impact: apparently, its release caused the collapse of the whole Emo trend, and my former-Emo friends attribute it to my pointing out the movement’s shallowness and its being a trend itself, the latter perhaps my earliest act of Deconstruction. No, I have nothing against Poland, but I think the country ought to cheer up a bit)

Our generation is painted with one colour: Black.

The most popular trend among students nowadays is the Emo subculture. What is Emo?

By definition, the word Emo is a shortened form of the word “Emotional” (yeah, “emotional” is so difficult to spell. E-M-O, what’s next again?) Basically, Emo is the new Tao that students are following. It consists of a subgenre of Rock Music, a fashion style and even a way of living.

Emo music is the most popular form of music among the High School nowadays. Bands such as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Bless the Fall, Chicosci and The Used are very popular among the students.

The fashion style consists basically of tight shirts with rather obscene sayings like “My Bloody Sunday.” Another common and distinct factor is the hair, with the bangs covering one of the eyes.

The way of living is the most distinct feature of the Emo subculture. Emos (as the people are called) tend to act introverted, gloomy, hopeless and frustrated, kinda’ like Poland in general. As a self confessed Emo I know says, “Emos are rebellious.” They “go against the flow, against the trend.” For them, the world is unfair and life is full of pain, and this pain can only be subsided by self-injury. “I cut myself to ease the pain…”

Thw whole Weltanschauung (that’s Vel.tan.shong) of Emo is very shallow. It does not have a review of related literature. The ideas of Emo (if there be any) have no sound arguments and are dangerously mediocre. Existentialism argues that life is meaningless and should be given meaning, Emo simply doesn’t understand. Emos claim that the world doesn’t understand them: Nihilism concludes that the world doesn’t understand itself.

The whole idea of rebellion is a paradox. Emos claim to go against the trend. But seeing the situation, Emo is the trend. I don’t like Emo, and I go against it violently, does it mean I’m Emo!? No! This can’t be! I’m Emo!

The Melancholy of Emo is understandably caused by social or family problems, but I don’t think that not being given your allowance for today is a cause to assume the world hates you. “My parents didn’t give lunch money so I cut myself to ease the pain.” And seeing others do it is in no way a better reason. “My friend cuts himself to ease the pain, so I cur myself to ease the pain.”

And the reaction, in my opinion, is horribly stupid. How does cutting your wrist solve your problems with your girlfriend?
If you have a problem, there are two solutions. If you’re faithful, pray. That’s what God is for. If you’re not, take revenge on your enemies. Follow the example of the Count of Monte Cristo, or follow the law of Hammurabi “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Or, you can actually think of a solution that’ll really work.

But the thing I should advise most is that students should avoid Pretending. If you’re not really Emo Material, don’t try to be one. Here is a list of things that gives you the justification of being Emo:

  • Seriously Heart Broken
  • Neglected by friends and family
  • Misunderstood
  • Being born during a World War
  • Having your family killed by some demented spree killer
  • Stuff like that

But before you turn Emo, try to see if there are other solutions to your problems. If you’re heart broken, find a new love; if you’re neglected, seek attention; if you’re misunderstood, make them understand you; if your country was torn apart by Germany, strive to be a politician evoke the government to nuke that country of megalomaniacs!; if your family was killed by a lunatic, kill that lunatic. Try alternatives, because with these problems, cutting yourself doesn’t even go close to the actual solution.

When you have a problem, when you think the world is going agaisnt you, I suggest you think before you turn Emo.


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