A Spectacle at the Bay

(An unpublished poem)

In the comfort
Of this house by the shore
I behold:

the bay,
still, as if a stage,
bathing in the blending lights
of the waning moon to the right
and the emerging sun to the left;

the backdrop sky,
mauve with tinges of pink,
and studded with diamonds
while the cobwebs
of cirrus cloud that lace it
set a paranormal tone
to this stage;

mist – barely curtains
hiding detail behind blurred vision
and hovering heavier above
like some ghostly teaser;

the mainland right wing
with its tormentor
of autumn red woods
and the lonely, left wing peninsula
whose tormentor
is of evergreen pine;

the center stage
still as a mirror
with only ripples
that gently kiss the proscenium shore,
humming this morning’s soft overture;

that mild largo moves towards allegro.
And the spectacle begins

from the depths of that still bay
the main character emerges …


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