First Post: In which the author, with archaic language, admits ineptitude at managing blogs but promotes his own works in the process

Whereas, many of my acquaintances did make most eager request that I cause for the creation of some digital venue for the convenient accessing of my writing

and Whereas I am most willing to comply to these same sincere requests of these my fans

I Therefore did heed their call and proceeded to the creation of this here blog

But let it be known that Forasmuch as my literary accomplishments are concerned I am considerably advanced for my age, I, due to vehement refusal to make use of the now defunct Friendster in those bygone days that the said networking site did enjoy the bounty now reaped by Facebook, am Nevertheless terribly inept at the proper and able management of blogs. Let it be further known that it is with no great certainty if I am performing the correct tasks that I do now type this here First Post.

I therefore pray that the kind and benevolent reader will pardon my initial mistakes, and trust that I shall  learn with experience.

Let it be further known that this here blog shall contain my written works, links to works published online, and, if possible commentaries to the former two. I shall attempt to update this blog regularly. Let it be known that works here may be in English, Filipino or, if fortunate, Sugbuanon.

In the meantime, I do direct the godly reader to my Facebook account, which is there now populated:


Equally do I direct the reader to the links to my works which have hitherto already been published:

My Poems, Short Stories and Essays in the Dagmay, Literary Journal of the Davao Writers Guild

Karlo David in Dagmay

My Opinions in SunStar Davao

Sunday essays: Dabaw Filipino – Seed of the National Language

Sunday essays: Mindanao – Half a Decade Hence

Sunday essays: The Faults of Our Culture

My One-act play “Sa Pagitan Nila May Masisira” in Balay Sugidanun, a website which was also recently published as a book

“Sa Pagitan Nila May Masisira” in Balay Sugidanun

The reader might now be asking who this pompous yet enigmatically eloquent author is. I shall direct him/her to this page to get the basic vital details, and to my Facebook account for more useless but equally entertaining trivia.

Let this here First Post be deemed good!